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R M Cameron Environmental Services Limited

Over the last six months or so, investigation for possible diversification into other areas of related business, such as those where there may be an overlap or cross-over into other areas of discipline, and particularly that related to natural attenuation processes for treating surface water and groundwater has been carried out by RMCES. This has been spurred, in part, by the current, increasing concerns about threats to surface water and groundwater quality from diffuse pollution, and heightening awareness of the benefits of using low energy intensive, more natural, environmentally-conscious methods of control, rather than the introduction of potentially hazardous chemicals, for which there may be little control once they have been released into the ground.

As RMCES' experience is mainly within a consultancy role, we have commenced discussion with other companies and organisations that may have a more hands-on 'contractor' experience in this field, and who may also be interested in looking to further develop the opportunities that exist. It is envisaged that this will include areas of agricultural land usage, where, due in part to climate change, there is also likely to be an increasing need for the construction and establishment of soil erosion control measures, such as enhanced buffer strips and slope stabilisation engineering works, to stabilise land and reduce the ingress into rivers and streams of suspended solids derived from soil erosion, particularly on arable agricultural land. Maybe there is unlikely to be much of a market at the moment, but some early 'groundwork' in what may become a developing field both here and abroad is considered worth looking into now......

We would be interested in hearing from any companies or organisations that may be interested in collaboratively pursuing this possible area of development further.


And Where We're Going......


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