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A key aspect of RMCES is flexibility of project involvement, which can comprise; undertaking fieldwork, attending meetings, preparing fee offers, letters, sections of a report, entire reports or just peer-reviewing, as the need requires. The Company operates on a countrywide basis, and places great importance on compliance with pre-agreed work and reporting timescales, the sensitivity of Client confidentiality, and notification of any potential conflicts of interest, where these may arise.

Over the last few years, increasing numbers of commissions are involving the undertaking of Risk Assessments, with a considerable number of Environment Agency P20 Groundwater and Surface Water and CLEA Human Health Risk Assessments having been carried out for various clients on a variety of different sites across the UK. Many of these result from the legacy of previous industrial site usage and therefore necessitate desk study research into the varied aspects of our industrial history and heritage - which can be a subject of real interest - and distraction, if not careful! However an understanding of the chemical and geochemical processes at work is vital, and considerable site remediation cost savings can, in some cases, be enabled where the results of risk assessment modeling can mitigate arguaments for over-engineering of site decontamination remedial works. This personal interest and years of background experience can therefore work to great advantage for the Client with a site that requires investigation, assessment and possible remediation.

To bring matters up to date, the consultancies and ground investigation companies with which RMCES currently works co-operatively include (please see our 'Links' page):

Consultancy work is also currently carried out on a regular basis for other environmental consultancies who currently include; Sevenoaks Environmental Consultancy (SEC), and for a leading South West construction company, Midas Construction Limited.

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