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Waste Management Consultancy Services

Waste Management Regulation and Licensing
Landfill Gas and Leachate Monitoring/Management
The Site Waste Management Plan Regulations 2008 were laid before Parliament on 15th February 2008, and came into force on 6th April 2008. The Regulations will not apply to any project that were planned before 6th April, if construction work commences before 1st July 2008. They will apply to all projects with a value of 300K or more, with additional updating requirements for projects with a value of 500K or more. The regulations place the initial responsibility for the production of the plan with the client. The client must produce the plan before the project is started. If a project is started without a site waste management plan then both the client and the principle contractor are guilty of an
offence under these regulations. With Corporate Membership of the Institute of Waste Management (CIWM) a Chartered
Environmentalist (CEnv) and a registered Environmental Auditor with the IEMA since 1993, the Principal Consultant Ross Cameron is well place to provide advisory and consultancy services in this area and may be able to help your company comply with these new regulations and prepare or assist in the preparation of these plans, as appropriate.
Site Waste Management Plans
Review and undertaking of dialogue with Environment Agency during development or amendment of Waste Management Licenses and assessment of soils and materials for Waste Classification for disposal/treatment.
Design specification of landfill gas and leachate monitoring and management facilities, undertaking of landfill gas monitoring and review and interpretation of results against current best practice guidance.

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