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R M Cameron Environmental Services Limited

Geochemical Consultancy Services

Environmental Geochemistry
Design and undertaking of Phase 1 desk studies, Phase 2 ground investigations and human health and groundwater risk assessments, review and specification of Phase 3 decontamination remedial processes and waste treatment methodologies. More specifically, this may include use of CLEA UK, SNIFFER, P20 and other human health and groundwater and surface water risk assessments, and subsequent liaison with Environment Agency and other Statutory Regulators on outcome of modeling and agreeing of suitable achievable remedial targets and appropriate remedial processes.
Contaminated Land Assessment and Remediation
Soil contamination studies and assessments of pollution impact, potential for natural attenuation and impacts from natural background geochemistry. These studies include consideration of diffuse pollution sources and impacts that these may have on the quality of local surface and groundwater resources.
Studies and investigations of surface and groundwater quality, contaminant plume prediction, pollution incident investigation, surface and groundwater treatment specification and design and pollution abatement measures.
Due Diligence Environmental Liability and Compliance Auditing
Undertaking of detailed assessments and reviews of sites as part of property or company ownership transfer, loan security, or more general improvements to housekeeping and mitigation of environmental liabilities. Provision of detailed recommendations for improvement of environmental performance of site processes to safeguard quality of existing site soils, future site value, and sustainability of site usage.

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